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Meep! Kid’s Tablet Technology Specs

Introducing the Meep! Kid’s Android Tablet – Video

Meep is specially designed for kids

Meep designed for kids


The UI of the MEEP! has been specially developed for kids.  The main UI is in landscape format (the favorite of the kids). They can control their entire MEEP! just by the use of their thumbs.

Meep Communicator

Meep Communicator


Among the online activities Kids love to do, “chatting” is one of the most important. However, Instant Messaging tools are not secured and kids can end up communicate with complete stranger. MEEP! does provide a dedicated communicator to Kids and under full parental control.

Kids can easily organize their friends and family members into different groups

The Meep! Market for games, apps, and ebooks

MEEP! Market



The MEEP! Market is really convenient and easy to use. There are no direct money transactions. Kids can easily shop for free or paid apps based on some credits made available by their parents. It is a very nice way to let them manage a budget without the risk of an open account linked to a credit card.

Get your favourite dedicated content on Meep!

Meep! Dedicated Content


Kids can get their favorite content from the MEEP! Market. The content has been carefully selected for the age category and they can select their favorite apps with parents feeling totally comfortable. Contents include games, E-book, movies, music, learning activities and many more.

More about Meep’s unique parental controls

MEEP! is delivered with a Unique Parental Control. Nothing comparable is today available on the market. Parental control is accessible from any PC, iPad or device coming with a browser and an Internet connection.

Meep's Parental Controls

A simple web interface:

  • To control the way kids access Internet
  • To control the way kids access Youtube
  • To get an idea of what Kids do with their tablet (Log files)
  • To approve friends request in the Kids communicator
  • To setup some play time, video time, reading time…
  • To add virtual coins to their MEEP! Market account

Some of Meep’s technical stuff

On the technical side only, MEEP! is a unique tablet on the market. Not only, MEEP! Will be the first tablet to integrate the Z-force technology but if we compare all technical features to competitors, we do propose the more advance tablet for kids on the market at this price point.

Meep Technical Specification


  • Enables touch with any object (finger, gloves, pens, paintbrush)
  • Enables faster gestures and detailed pen inputs
  • Avoids unintentional touch
  • Identify the size of the object touching the screen and the pressure it applies.
  • Enables low power consumption
  • Is optimized for use in any light conditions -> can be use in Sunlight



  • Android 4.0 vs. Android 2.3



  • 2160p vs. 1080p